English menu

After work

Weekdays 15.00-18.00

Kaltenberg (EKO) 4,7% 40cl 50:-

San Miguel 0.0% 33cl 30:-

Lanson Black Label Brut 100:-  ( 125:-)

Chez Paulette Blanc 65:-

Chez Paulette Rouge 65:-

Chez Paulette Rose 65:-


After Work snack board:
A piece of cheese with some charcuterie, home smoked almonds and olives. 50:-


Roasted Almonds 38:-

Peanuts 25:-

Roasted Cashews 42:-

Olives 38:-

Pimientos de Padrón 65:- 

Snacks plate

(3 sorts of meat, 1 sort of cheese, rosted almonds and olives) 110:-


Grilled squid with herbs and smoked ricotta cream

Grilled squid, smoked riccotta cream, herbs and cocktail tomatoes.


Chicken and Parma ham terrine, pickled onion and tarragon mayo

Chicken terrine with Parma ham, pickled small onions and tarragon mayo.


Moules ”Marineres”


(Also avaible as main portion served with chips and aioli for 170:-)

Pumpkin Velouté with wild mushrooms (V)

Pumpkin soup, wild mushroom and truffel.




Pan fried daily catch with smoked bacon, celariac, browned butter and potato mash.


Pier Sandwich

Grilled sourdough bread, steak, chorizo, emmentaler, caramelased onionb and pimentos de padrón.


Chicken, leek and mushroom pie

Butter dough covered chicken stew with wild mushroom, leek with roasted autum vegetables.


Slow cooked beef chuck in red wine served with gnocchi, garlic and parmesan


Veggie Pier sandwish (V)

Grilled sourdough bread, oumph, beans, emmentaler, caramelased onion and pimentos de padrón


Aged beef burger

170 gr beef (50c ), bacon, cheese, grilled tomato, caramelased onion, chipotle mayo and fries.


Portabello Cheese Burger (V)

Portabello mushroom, cheese, lettuce, caramelased onion, roasted  garlic mayo and fries.



Apple Almond Bakewell Tart served with Cinnamon Ice Cream


Coconut Crème Brûlée




Today’s Cheese



Kids Menu

Pancakes with side order:

(pancakes 25:-)

Rasberry jam 5:-

Strawberry jam 5:-

Blueberry jam 5:-

Whipped cream 5:-

Ice cream 5:-


Meatballs with potato puree

Cream sauce and lingonberries  55:-


Kids Burger

Burger, salad, tomato, gerkins and dressing. With a side of chips. 70:-


Chicken filet

With chips and mayonnaise 55:-


Vanilla icecream with sprinkles and chocolate sauce  20:-






Saturday and Sunday between 11-15


– Smoothie 25:-

– Fruit plate (yoghurt) 45:-

– The Brunch Plate: butter, jam, cream cheese, english muffin, scrambled eggs, bacon and semi dried tomato. 155:-

– BLT Sandwich with bacon, salad, tomato, mayo and chips. 135:- (vegeterian alternative available)

– Ceasar salad: with grilled corn chicken, bacon, parmesan and croutons 145:-

– Chicken club sandwich (with bacon, red onions, mayo and chips) 145:-

– Fried herring ”Bellman” (poatoepuré, lemon and browned butter)  150:-

– Bubble & Squeak: potato & cabbage, poached egg, smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce. 165:- (vegeterian alternative available)

– Thaisalad: Crayfish, glassnoodles, carrot, peanuts, wasabi yoghurt 179:-

– Wild boar sausage and bread: saurkraut, roasted onion and homemade mustard 115:-

– Rhubarb French Toast: French toast with rhubarb compote and maple syrup 70:-

– Kids brunch plate: bacon, scrambled eggs, chicken drumsticks with chips and mayo, tomato & cucumber salad, fresh fruit salad and yoghurt. 85:-



Coffee/tea 25:-
Latte 38:-
Cappuccino 30:-
Espresso 20:-/30:-
Macchiato 30:-/35:-
Mineral water 25:-
Light beer/soda 30:-
Freshly squeezed orange juice 35:-
Ice tea 35:-
Wine 65:-/265:-
Kaltenberg organic 58:-
Bloody Mary 4cl 84:- 6cl 120:-
Virgin Mary 55:-
Bellini 84:-
Lanson Champagne 125:-/475:-